Current Programme


January 2020

4th – Savannah Jazz Band – our “traditional” start to the New Year. Despite the excesses of the past two/three weeks - you can’t have too much of one of UK’s most respected traditional jazz bands. Always a lively, humourous session with a smattering of R & B for good measure.

11th - G T Big Band – one of Yorkshire’s legendary Big Bands which has been in existence since 1969 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in June of this year. Specialising in the Big Band classics which you all know and love, the session will be enhanced by the presence of vocalist, Michaela Smith. One of our really special evenings – do join us!

18th – Frank Brooker’s Happy Chappies – our local hero, Frank, leads a star line up including Greg Wadman on trumpet, the superb Jim Wright on banjo/guitar, Phil Kampen on bass and all driven along by our favourite drumming man, Rod MacNamara. A truly eclectic combination of Dixieland, standards and R & B. Something here for everyone.

25th - Harmony Hounds – another blast from the past. One of our star performing groups in earlier times. The band, led by Chris Howse on banjo/guitar and vocals, has now reformed as a five piece and includes Andy Henderson on cornet, Willie Entwhistle on reeds/violin plus Colin Turner on bass sax and John Smith on drums. A miniature version of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra?? Whatever – it will be melody to the fore and we guarantee a most enjoyable evening.

February 2020

1st – Denise Gordon + Enrico Tomasso – now for something a little different. Denise has performed on the International stage for over 20 years as a gospel and soulful jazz singer. Her inspiration stems from her Caribbean roots and the New Orleans influences of Mahalia Jackson and Louis Armstrong. Enrico Tomasso needs no introduction to the Boston Spa audience and neither does John Hallam or Tom Kincaid’s Three Bears - all of whom will be accompanying Denise.

8th – Alan Barnes + John Hallam + Tom Kincaid Trio – and just to keep you on your toes here we have one of the most exciting musical combinations we are privileged to present as two of the UK’s star saxophonists combine with the sublime sounds of the Tom Kincaid Trio. Always a sparkling session enhanced by Alan’s legendary sense of humour.

15th - Tenement Jazz Band – from Edinburgh and on tour, we welcome a band of young musicians brought together by their shared love of New Orleans music and whose aim is to capture the energy and excitement of the sounds from the “Crescent City”. We’re promised they bring a “freshness and energy of youth” to New Orleans style traditional jazz. 22nd –

No Jazz – Boston Spa Beer Festival

29th – Kid Boyd Jazz Band – a favourite group for so many years with a first class varied repertoire which appeals to all sections of the audience. Delighted to welcome them back – Frank Brooker on reeds, James Lancaster on trumpet and Rod Macnamara on drums.

Thanks for your support – it’s what keeps music live Please take your empty bottles home – we have no recycling facilities at the Village Hall


Thanks for your support – it’s what keeps music live!

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Please take your empty bottles home – we have no recycling facilities at the Village Hall.